Fallout 4: Enclave Modded Episode 110
Hello Hello and welcome to Maester Aelix plays Fallout 4, heavily modded to have many Enclave mods installed (listed below.)

"Once More Into the Breach" 

Today General Franklin finds himself in high demand by pretty much everyone that knows him.  The people of the commonwealth, which includes the Minutemen he commands, and of course the awesome and mighty ENCLAVE.  This means he is going to be seeing a lot of places, and doing a lot of things.

Some especially awesome ones, for The Enclave.


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Below is the list of mods: (and in the load order used)

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Spring Cleaning

Impervious Power Armor

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)


Eisenewolf's Legacy

Sim Settlements

Build The Other Power Armor Station

EoW - Far Harbor Lights

Manufacturing Extended

Robot Faction Paint Jobs

Tumbajamba's Power Armor for Strong

Vivid Fallout - All

Vivid Weathers

Loot Detector - Scrapper Corpse Highlighting

Loot Detector - Scrapper Corpse Highlighting DLC Compatibility Patch

Raider Overhaul

Improved BoS

Enclave X-02 Power Armor

Enclave X-02 Power Armor Patch

Enclave Resurgent

America Rising- A tale of the Enclave

Atlas Summit - Enclave Quest and Player Home

Tesla X01 - Automatron Style and Full suit

BoS X-10 Paintjobs

Laurent's Robot Skins

Children of Atom Overhaul

Enclave Officers Uniform

Enclave Commander Wood

Store All Junk

Auto Doors

Salvage Beacons

Settler Sandbox Overhaul

Plasma Turrets

Uncapped Settlement Surplus

The Monolith

Altarip's Animal Farm

Ruined Homes and Gardens 

Hellfire X-03 Power Armor

Enough About the Settlements Already Preston

Church of Atom Overhaul

Immersive Settlers

Little Lunch Pack


Meritable Minigun

Lowered Weapons

Recruitable Settlers

Another Life

Scrap-able Mods

And my own mods:

Personal Synth Component

Delano of the Enclave


Art by Connor From the Backroom Gaming crew

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