Fallout: Alamo City

Hey everyone I have some very exciting news! I'm proud to announce my next non-profit fan film that's launched into Pre-Production... Fallout: Alamo City.

This project will be taking it's own route from what you've seen in Fallout in the past and will introduce some new concepts as well as staying true and familiar to what we all love about Fallout.

This film will be released world wide for free once it's completed. We are currently aiming at a 15-20 minute time spam at the moment.

We are seeking support from artists, voice actors & a few misc others. If you have certain skills you might want to lend please shoot us a message!



-Support from your talents (as mention above)

-Money (any donated amount goes straight to this project)

Last, thank you all very much! All updates will be posted here or on our #youtube page (youtube.com/alistproductions)... We're all very excited because as we all know... War... War never changes.