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"Fallow" Scene 2

... in which Khatira and Annie conspire to throw Jackie onto a freight train. I am uploading the pages to the Patreon-only section of the site as we speak, so "Fallow" pages 5 through 9 should all be up for your reading pleasure by the end of today. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this chapter, which I hope to be posting in just 2 short weeks.

With the Prism Comics anthology story and this Failing Sky scene, August has been a packed month, but it's only getting more exciting from here on out. My in-the-flesh fundraiser event at Patreon HQ (San Francisco) is THIS FRIDAY September 4th — free to attend but RSVP required via eventbrite:

Stephanie from the Body Appropriate will be dissecting an animal (died naturally) for all of us while I give a lecture on artistic anatomy based on what we find under the skin.

As soon as the dissection fundraiser is over I plan to auction off a premium original page, to raise some last-minute money to get me to the first of 3 comic conventions I'll be traveling to this Fall. Do poke me if you have a particular page from any of the previous chapters that you want to see put up for sale!

If you like advanced warning, those upcoming conventions are:

Sept 19-20 — Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD)

Oct 3-4 — Alternative Press Expo (San Jose, CA)

Oct 17-18 —Webcomics Rampage (Austin, TX)

And lastly, assuming the dissection fundraiser goes well, I will be stepping up my game this month by returning to the 2-update-per-month schedule that I had in 2014. I'm excited to work on Failing Sky full time again, but do edit your pledge maximums if you need to.


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