"The False King" [Illustrative Art]
The bulk of my art lately has been restricted to sketches, mock-ups/concept art, and tests that it was kind of a hassle to get back into doing a fully rendered out piece of illustrated art. I need to keep consistent with this again.

Anyway, this is based off of Achievement Hunter Minecraft Let's Plays specifically their King games. It was mentioned on their podcast that they might skip the next rightful king because Jack had ideas for tasks in the King game, so that's where the "False" title comes from. I've doodled Jack before, but nothing as serious as this. It was... Interesting. I figured Jack would be a warrior king who dons armor... Plus, that kind of reasoning is a nice excuse to practice armor design. It's not something I draw very often, but I like looking at it. The crown is magic, though. No metalwork there.

Go ahead and comment below with any questions, concerns, or general thoughts.

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