Family Magic Revealed
This is a demifiction* written in the Aunt Family by  dialecticdreamer, back in 2014.

* Non-fiction written in a fictional setting.


The screen read: Family Magic Revealed
by Ethan Broadshaw and Sarah Williams

A hesitant finger touched the mouse, and a text box seemed to spin and grow until it settled at a readable size in the center of the screen:

Some magics run in family lines, and some run even more strangely within those lines. Perhaps you have a neighbor with an exceptional “green thumb”, or a coworker who always brushes the edge of the doorway before she passes through it, though she claims no Jewish heritage? But perhaps it is something more, like those families who have a red-haired child every third generation, or in which the left-handed children are all boys, seemigly in defiance of both statistics and genetics as they are currently understood. And perhaps it isn’t genetics or chance which drives these events, but… family magic.