Family Photo Album Voltron!!
I just love Voltron so much that I had to make a Family AU represented into a photo album of them. 


Shiro and Allura fell in love at college. She studied engeneering and he studied physics. After 3 years of dating, Shiro finally went to Coran and asked Allura’s hand in marriage. They had a simple wedding where Coran led Allura to the altar and Matt himself led Shiro. Life went by and they finally had a steady job, so they decided it was time to have a baby. Shiro was so amazed and anxious about it, he passed out during the birth of Hunk. But they couldn’t have just one!!! Both wanted a big family, and so Allura was pregnant again and she was 120% sure that it was going to be a girl, she even bought a lot of dresses and dolls. In the end Lance was born and he had to use dresses until he was 3 years old (but they love him!!!). After 2 years Matt’s sister, Pidge, was born and Shiro was made her godfather (he was so honored, he cried a lot). Pidge and the boys basically grew together. 

Meanwhile Shiro volunteered to help in some orphanages and in one of these he met Keith. He was 6 at the time, same age as his son, Lance. Shiro started visiting more and more Keith and the little boy only grew more and more affectionate to Shiro. Takashi saw a lot of families reject Keith and saw how sad the boy grew. He talked to Allura, their family wasn’t big enough, there was room for more, and so, after a lot of burocracy they adopted Keith when he has 8 years. 

That was the happiest day of Keith’s life.