Family Tree
The following is the type of post Patrons can expect to see from me. This is from my work in progress (WIP) LUCIFER RISING: STORIES OF DAEMONIC INTERVENTION. (unedited - which means at times I will post raw work to share the process)

[LUCIFER RISING: STORIES OF DAEMONIC INTERVENTION you'll read thirteen true stories about what happens when Daemonic entities intervene in our lives of their own accord. Some of the following stories are heart warming, others are chilling, but they all have one thing in common - they highlight non-Judeo-Christian encounters with Daemonic entities and only go to prove that one's man's Daemon is another man's savior.]

Family Tree

I started getting into genealogy when I was in my thirties. It was a fun way to spend my free time, and get my entire family involved. After several months in I was delighted to find that there was a graveyard two hours from me where cousin was buried. I remembered my cousin from when we were kids, but he died in a car accident when he was only twenty-three. My sister wanted to go with me, but at the last minute her husband had a family emergency, and both of them had to fly to Georgia that week. So I decided to go by myself, on a Tuesday. 

I don't know what I was expecting, but when I arrived at the cemetery I found it was both quite large and more remote than I expected, and I wasn't sure how to go about finding my cousin's grave because nothing was marked. And it didn't seem there was anyone there who could help me out. The caretaker’s building was empty and there were no other cars in the parking lot. So I parked and for at least an hour I meandered through the headstones and spent a lot of time looking at the old mausoleums. Still, I couldn't find my cousin's gravestone. I'd attended the funeral with my family, but we didn’t attend the graveside service, so not only did nothing looked familiar, I'd never actually been to this cemetery before.

Completely at a loss as to what I was going to do, I whispered a prayer to the demon Bune. And I kind of laughed at myself because it seemed ridiculous that I would be praying to a Daemon to help me find my cousin's headstone. I guess I was hoping it would just stumble across it if I looked long enough. Of course nothing happened when I prayed. No gusts of wind, experiences, or noises to verify that the Daemon actually heard me. It was a pretty calm day.

I still remember how beautiful the weather was that early April afternoon. It was overcast, but warm, and I was happy to be outside. The cemetery itself was well kept and absolutely beautiful with a lot of trees. Finally,  a man walked up to me wearing gray overalls and a black work shirt. I thought he was the caretaker. The strange thing was, he wasn't carrying anything, and I remember thinking it was kind of weird that he didn't have gloves, tools, or a work truck nearby. It seemed that he was wandering around aimlessly, too. 

He said to me, "You look lost."

I laughed and gave him a smile, then nodded. "Yeah, I am. I'm looking for section E. You wouldn't happen to know where it is, would you?"

"Of course I do." He looked me over in an almost pragmatic way and said, "As a matter of fact I happen to know exactly the one you’re looking for. Follow me."

I thought it was strange that he would say that since I hadn't given him any information. Then again, I’ve met older men who say weird stuff like that because they want to show you something historical or interesting. Interested, I followed him anyway. In retrospect it was probably stupid of me to follow a strange man through a cemetery. He was a big guy, over six foot tall and he could've easily overpowered me. But I never felt threatened by him. As a matter of fact, I felt strangely calm and serene in his presence. Not to mention, for an older man, maybe fifty-ish, he was good looking, rugged, and he had the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen. I would even go as far as to say they were striking. He led me, across the walkway, past one of the mausoleums, and up a hill between two tall trees. Then he pointed at a headstone.

"There it is," he said.

To say I was shocked would've been an understatement. I hadn’t told him my cousin’s name, just the section. But there in front of me was my cousin Grady's headstone.

Not sure what to say I said, "Thank you.".

He gave me a nod and said, "It's all in a days work."

I turned to look at my cousin's headstone, and then I turned back around to thank him again, but there was no one there. The man was gone. I was on the top of the hill, so  I looked around the entire cemetery, what I could see of it anyway. But he was nowhere to be seen. That gave me a bit of a chill. My rational mind convinced me that he just walked fast and had moved out of my line of sight even though from the hill you could see almost all of the immediate parts of the cemetery.

After taking some pictures and jotting some notes, I trekked the ten minutes back down to the caretakers cottage to thank the man again.

I knocked on the door and a younger man answered.

I explained to him that I wanted to thank the caretaker who had helped me find my cousin's grave. Then I described him.

The young man gave me a strange look and said, "I'm the only one working today, and I just got back." He pointed to his pickup truck in the parking lot.

"It must've been someone else then," I said. “Maybe another visitor or a local, but he seemed to know the cemetery rather well.”

The young man raised an eyebrow and gave me a strange look. "I haven't seen anyone come in or out, and your car is the only one here. Might've been a ghost," he said with a nervous laugh.

I politely laughed with him, thanked him and said goodbye, and went back to may car. I was a bit freaked out by the whole thing.

To this day I don't know if the person I met in the cemetery was a ghost, a Daemon, or just a man, but I'm pretty sure that Bune answered my prayer and that normal people don’t have eyes that look like that man’s did.