Fan Art Commission

I've been thinking of commissioning a fan art for Demon Sword Maiden for some time now and here's a few scenes I've been thinking of:

Option A: A half-naked Lily pressing the katana (with red runes) against her breasts with flirtatious expression. (The scene in the middle of the Mountain Imps raid)

Option B: Uesugi forced a kiss on a struggling Lily on horseback (The scenes on the rainy street of Takeshita)

Option C: .........

Actually, I haven't thought of Option C, if you have some scenes you want to see illustrated in mind, let me know in the comment and I'll see if I can add it to the options. I expect the commission would cost me at least 500 USD the last time I asked.

In case you guys are curious, I will be asking this guy to commission for the art, if he will accept: 

Option A


Option B

Poll ended Aug 14, 2019
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