Fan Art Friday - Adult Swim Tribute
This image just appeared in my brain the other day.  I was thinking about what to do for Fan Art Friday and Boom!  There was this thing.  I liked it so I drew it.  

Like most Indy Dudes my age, Adult Swim was a huge thing when it came out.  Nowadays it's really just "Rick & Morty" (awesome, awesome show), but it used be a really cool, crazy, ugly, beautiful thing.  Most of my favorite stuff made it onto this piece, with the Warden from Superjail! and Early Kyler from Squidbillies featuring prominently, and the Aqua Teens, Space Ghost, and 12 oz Mouse (my dark horse wierdo favorite) floating around in the background.  

And if you're curious, Rick and Morty will get their own Fan Art Friday at some later time.