Fan Art: A GentleMan's Game (For Nekuratu)
Continuing from yesterday's MM doodling session, April's first fan art request comes from Nekuratu, who asked for a "determined-looking Mega Man." I ran through several ideas, from a more iconic image of MM whaling baddies with the Mega Buster to one of him trying to open a jar of peanut butter, but ultimately, checkers with Dr. Wily made the cut. :) I hope you like it, Neku! I'm sure I'll post the two or three WIPs throughout the course of the month, as well. This was such a fun request. <3 Notes/Lessons Learned: When I first scanned this particular drawing, I hadn't intended it to be heavily inked in any way (I was thinking I'd keep with the style of my Princess of Hyrule portrait). They were originally playing chess and Dr. Wily had a big glass dome around his head. It evolved A LOT throughout the course of the edit. As a result of doing so much of what I normally do organically post-scan, it's at a lower resolution to "fade" some of the more experimental digital effects I used.