Fan Comic Project: "Exiled"
“Impa is the last member of the Sheikah Tribe left in Hyrule and is the sworn protector of Princess Zelda. After seven years of training the princess in combat so she may safely aid the newly awakened Hero of Time, an evil thought to have been subdued decades ago by Impa herself has arisen alongside the Dark Lord Ganondorf’s rise to power.

Haunted by horrific memories of a secret long forgotten, Impa is determined to destroy the remains of the miscreants responsible for both this manifestation of evil and the disappearance of Hyrule’s remaining Sheikah.”

This project is currently on hold until I start to get support for my work; between securing an income for basic needs and university I just haven't had the time to work on it but it is definitely something I am trying to find the time to work on along with an animated project relating to Breath of the Wild.