Fan Expo Day 4: Fin
Traditionally every year we have a community breakfast for the organizers and long standing volunteers on Saturday. It's the worst day for that. But we do it because it's tradition. This year, due to circumstance, it was moved to Sunday. So after three days of gruelling and awesome convention, we awoke early and stumbled our way down to the Golden Griddle where we ate, talked about the shitty stuff and the great stuff, Rach swore a lot, and Alexander got huffy.

Then our stomachs rebelled as we made our way to the convention by various method. I met Max Ginzberg of Strike Fleet Zero at our room and brought him to room 202 where board games were happening. Justin, the gaming organizer, got him a position at the UnPub tables and away he went for the day.

Our morning games filled nicely, with some great improv from one of our D&D DMs, Lenore, who rocked it as some Warboys who had no idea what they were doing parked themselves at her table. She rolled with it and gave them a great D&D experience like a boss. It was a great moment of seeing a newer DM flourish and do exactly what we hoped she would with ease and grace. 

Rob and Rach played Sunday Morning Swords (Without Master) with Epidiah Ravachol, the designer, while I sat table and hung out to talk to Chris (Challice of Vanagard) and Andrew (Valkauskus of Fate of the Norns). They have spectacular new metal runes that I'm quietly longing for. Maybe not so quietly. One year I'll whine at Andrew enough I'll get a bag. But alas, it was not this year.

As afternoon rolled around, we said a lovely goodbye to the wonderful and delightful Emily Care Boss and Epidiah Ravachol as they headed back to their home South of the Border. They agreed to join us again in March for Breakout, which was probably the best part of the day, and then left us as I began to prepare for The Arena.

Yes. That's right. I ran my baby at the convention. I had three women and two men, and the characters were four males and one female. It's definitely a new game with some bumps and hiccups, but I wrote down all the suggestions and was thrilled to finally get some feedback. They all had a unique set of experiences with Powered by the Apocalypse games.

A lot of the feedback was about design and layout, which honestly, there isn't much I can do about until I hire a person who does that. I'm an RMT, not a designer. But some of my favourite feedback was the mention of the intensity of the emotions invoked by the game. One person said it reminded them of a story from the Holocaust, about a boxer who was good so the Nazis brought him out to fight and then sent him home to the camps every night. It's an intense comparison, but it makes me believe the game is on the right track. 

After my game we packed up, said farewell to the Fate of the Norns team and Eddy Webb from Pugmire, then wandered to an organizer meeting to debrief and talk about other conventions, like Anime North, ConBravo, Jiffycon, Metatopia, and of course, Breakout. 

That was a wrap for Fan Expo 2016. I hear everyone had a great time, fabulous experiences, and a wonderful convention and gaming track. This means it was a success. Therefore, I had a good time too.