FAN MADE Calista and Quiver dolls!

An amazing young lady of awesomeness sent these to me last month! I meant for them to go up on Valentines day but being sick I forgot to schedule them in time!

I ADORE these guys! Crochet dolls are so amazing and cute and these are two of my FAVORITES from now on!! <3 <3 <3

They were sent to me from a very special doll maker named Katriena Young! I've seen some of her other work and she's remarkably talented and SO nice! When she sent these two to me I was just SO happy!!

Katriena, you are simply GLORIOUS!! She makes some amazingly detailed work which you can check out here  (look for her Hiccup dolls from How to Train Your Dragon!! CAUSE DRAGONS RULE!!)

Thank you so much, Katriena!!