Fanart Friday delay + Some announcements
So I found out that I wont be able to get my fanart friday piece done in time, so I'll have to delay it till next friday. I also wanted to change up the composition since I didnt like it so much. So sorry about that, I just have so much work to do. x_x

Also some of you may have noticed my announcement that I closed off public commissions and made them patreon exclusive. So one of the new rewards is that no matter what tier you're supporting me at, you'll be eligible to commission me. Expect me to open maybe one or two slots here per month or two. (cant do it too much since im trying to focus on my own work more) But you have to be at least at the $10 tier to get notified early and get the 20% discount.  I'm also going to try doing YCH auctions, and you will be notified early when those will take place as well. I've never tried them yet so I dont know if I might replace commissions with them ahah.

I was also thinking of maybe cutting back on some of the rewards here, since I've just been getting busier and not having enough time to spend here too much. The rewards might come back if I get more support on here, but right now I'm not really at the point where I can give back too much unfortunately. >< Are there some rewards that maybe you're not too interested in? (my art crit one didnt get too much interest so i might cut back on that one) If so let me know!

PS: if some of you were wondering why i didnt post a nsfw batch this term, its because I just didnt have time to draw any nsfw this month. it happens, sorry bout that haha |D