Fanbook Update: 11/3 -- Where we're at
Putting together the fanbook has been a process, I've probably spent close to 15 hours on piecing it together so far, and I haven't even had the opportunity to do some small rewrites to profiles or edit yet.

I had originally wanted to start a kickstarter for it in November, but I hit a bunch of snags- first I got overzealous and planned too many new pieces... then the book was too long with what I already had so I had to trim a lot out (close to 100 pages) to cut down on the cost. Now I'm finally at a comfortable length, sitting pretty at 156 pages before edits, rewrites, foreward, and credits/thanks, and I'ma bout 4-5 art pieces away from being ready to hit the final stretch.

The quotes I've been receiving would put the price range from about $35 for 9x12 softcover, or $45 for 9x12 hardcover. Since the book is both a mixture of art and writing, I wanted to get your guys' opinions on what you'd rather have, and ask a few questions. If you could, leave your answers in the comments.


1.) I originally thought it would be best to make the books hardcover, but then I had a thought- at least half the book is writing, do you think it would be uncomfortable to read from a 9x12 hardcover book?

2.) I've been weighing the pro's and con's of a softcover vs hardcover book- and while I do think a softcover would be easier to read from (and cheaper by $10 per book), I think that it would get pretty beat up and it wouldn't look as nice "on the shelf" when it's not being read. What's your preference here?

3.) Would a $10 difference in price be the determining factor for whether or not you'd buy the book?