fandoms for fanfictions
A list that is an overview of fandoms and pairings that I'm willing to write for. This list is not complete which means that there might be a few things that I miss on here. It's basically to get an vague understanding of what I may write about. If you'd like to know about a certain shipping, please message me about it! 

Undertale - Sans/Reader, Undyne/Alphys, Mettaton/Papyrus

Attack on Titan - Levi/Eren, Jean/Eren

Noragami - Yato/Hiyori

Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates - practically any pairing (prefers Chrom/Robin, Leo/Takumi, Leo/Kamui)

Pokemon - practically any pairing

Fruits Basket - Tohru/Kyo

The Mortal Instruments - Jace/Clary, Alec/Magnus

The Infernal Devices - Emma/Julian

 Life is Strange - Chloe/Max, anything with Kate Marsh

South Park - Stan/Kyle, Craig/Tweek

Puella Magi: Madoka Magica - Homura/Madoka, Kyouko/Mami

Danganronpa - practically any pairing

The Legend of Zelda - Tetra/Link, Zelda/Link

Borderlands - Maya/Krieg, Maya/Handsome Jack, anything with Angel, Rhys/Handsome Jack

Supernatural - Dean/Castiel

Dragon Age: Origins - Alistair/Female Warden

Death Note - L/Light, anything with Misa Amane

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Dark Pit/Pit

Shugo Chara: Tadase/Amu

Also, take in account that I'm willing to write an /reader fanfiction for most characters in the fandoms/more fandoms above.