FANFIC NOTES: Batman/Highlander story
I feel like I should write this one as I can picture it in my head, but I probably won't because, yeah, it's me. It's a crossover between Batman and Highlander, featuring the Really Old Guy himself. ------ BATMAN/HIGHLANDER STORY==> Methos marries a mortal with two kids and settles into a happy life. Duncan calls and Methos goes for a visit. While he's away, the wife decides to drive the kids to visit her sister in Gotham. It's supposed to be safe as most of the big name bad guys are locked up. Except the Joker escapes. Kills the wife, sister, two kids, and a dozen other people. Poses them in one of his taunt-the-Batman displays. A grieving and enraged Methos shows up for revenge. Batman researches him and sees he's a mild-mannered Professor of Linguistics. Which makes it horrifying when Methos systemically takes out the Joker's hench clowns before closing on the man himself. Batman steps in to stop him. Methos kills the Joker. Batman tries to arrest Methos, but gets his ass handed to him. * Maybe one kid survives. Traumatized in the hospital. Methos gets the kid out of Gotham, then comes back a week later to unleash hell. He's prepared and not willing to be stopped. Especially not by the Batman. "You say you want to protect this city, but I don't see it. All I see is a frightened man hiding behind a mask, pretending at being strong while he lets the monsters roam free. You've helped no one."