I've received several messages and emails asking me "Where has Ragnarok gone?" and "Whatever happened to that Star Wars: Episode 8 fic with Kylo Ren that you were writing?"

The truth is, I've been needing to focus on my original works...whilst reading every one of those messages with deep pangs of regret.


I'm going to set GOALS on Patreon. FANFICTION goals.

Here's how it will work:

1) When I reach $250 per chapter of support for my original work on Patreon, I will begin to re-post and push on to finish my version of "Ragnarok" on I will post to that story on a regular basis, at least once a week, maybe more frequently than that. However, if the pledges drop below $250, I'll have to stop writing and posting until it rises again. 

2) When I reach $300 per chapter of support on my original work, I will begin regularly posting my own version of Star Wars: Episode 8 on ffn. It's called "The Force Beckons," and you can read the beginning of it right now, it's just sitting there! And again, if the pledges dip down below $300, I'd have to stop until they come back up! 

3) From then on, every time the pledge climbs $50, I'll begin a new novel-length fanfic--and I'll ask my patrons for input concerning the subject. 

I would REALLY love to write more fanfic! It was such a blast sharing What the Room Requires and the Lokistone Saga with you--I'd be so excited to jump back in! Please help me meet these goals! (And PLUS, all my supporters will get access to original work I am SO passionate about, and they'll get it MONTHS before anyone else in the world! It's a win-win!)

Let your friends know! Forward them this message! 

Every little bit helps! LET'S DO THIS.