Fangirls Gonna Fangirl; Writers Gonna Write
I am both the titular fangirl and writer. 

One of the reasons I started a Patreon was because I was hoping to do more writing, different kinds of writing, and meaningful writing. 

This piece is me trying to do that. This is my first interview and, as expected I learned a lot. I kind of wish that she was my second or third interview so I could incorporate what I learned, but I'm mostly happy that I'm still out here pushing my writing into new and different places. 

This is also a piece that's close to my heart as I sincerely look up to Elisabeth Akinwale as an athlete. When I started working out, she was important to me in terms representation; here was a woman who looked enough like me and mine that I could see myself doing the things she does. I still check her Instagram everyday because she still inspires me everyday. 

I hope you enjoy it!