Fantagraphics Month - Simon Hanselmann"Producing work relentlessly since 2012 when, disillusioned with the minicomics scene he decided to become a webcomics person, Simona Hanselmann’s claim to fame is Megg, Mog and Owl. It is a comic revolving around the three eponymous characters created as “stoner collages” after the British children book characters with similar names who also are a witch, a cat and an owl. Here, on top of that, they are three stoner friends that are living in little stonner suburban bubble containing their anxieties, depression and other issues mostly to a flat where they consume junk pop-culture, junk food, junk alcohol and drugs. Their life is sometimes penetrated by the doucy-broy Werewolf Jones, other supernatural creatures and sometimes real life in form of faulty appliances and infrastructure or drug-addled relatives."