Fantasy Figures (October YCH reward!)
Hello everyone!  Thank you for your continued support.  It's time for the monthly rewards to start rolling!  This is for supporters in the BRONZE TIER ($10/month) or higher.  If you are in this category, you may choose any one of the YCHs above for your character.  You may choose ONE of the following FOUR options:

1) "Steady Archer" (General)
2) "Cunning Mage" (AB/DL)
3) "Regressed Warrior" (Cub)
4) Digital coupon ($15 off any commission from me)

You can claim your reward by commenting here or just by messaging me and letting me know what you want.

Here are the rules!

1) YOU have to CLAIM your reward! I'm not going to guess what you want or assume what anyone wants.  If you want one of the drawings, claim one of the drawings.  If you want the coupon, claim the coupon.  It doesn't matter HOW you claim it (you can comment here, you can message me, you can shout at me on Twitter - whatever!), but if you want it, you have to claim it.  If you have multiple characters, please tell me which character you'd like me to use! Otherwise, I'll simply use the same character I used for the most recent icon I've drawn for you.

2) I'm not setting a strict timetable on claiming this reward, but it needs to be within a reasonable amount of time!

3) If you are not a Bronze Tier supporter but would like one of these, you need to pledge (or increase your pledge if you're already an Iron Tier supporter) BEFORE NOVEMBER 1.  If you pledge after this, you will get November's reward instead.

If you were billed at the beginning of this month, you get this reward, even if you have since deleted your pledge.  If you would LIKE to receive this reward but are not yet a patron, you will be billed for THIS month WHEN YOU PLEDGE, and you will be billed for NEXT month on or about October 31 - please take that into account if you pledge.  Pledging now will bill you for an October reward, and then you will be billed for the November reward on the regular billing cycle, which is at the end/beginning of each month.