Fantasy Adventurers Month
As my birthday month, I feel I should treat myself a bit, right? Go the extra bit to splurge on a fun concept for a monthly theme!

As such, I think it's best that, after all of us have been mutated last month, we best go on an adventure! Yet, what kind of adventure would we go on?

A better question to ask is... "What kind of Adventurer would you be?"

Well, I have a way to find out. Below are the instructions to follow:



Below is a list of 6 "stats". These stats represent the aspects of a hero. For whatever kind of hero you want to be, use the stats that you would best associate with the hero! Plug the stats into the formula below and send me your choices.


Strength - The physical prowess of someone when it comes to raw power. Commonly associated with warriors and knights.

Dexterity - The physical prowess in agility and use of the hands. Commonly associated with archers and thieves.

Constitution - The ability to withstand the harsh elements, take a beating, and physical fortitude. Commonly associated with duelists and barbarians

Intelligence - The bulk of knowledge one knows. "Book smarts" for short. Commonly associated with wizards and elementalists.

Wisdom - The act of putting ones knowledge/awareness into practice. "Street smarts" for short. Commonly associated with alchemists and clerics.

Charisma - The influence one has on the world and people. Commonly associated with warlocks and death knights.


1. Primary Stat

2. *(Optional) Secondary Stat 1

3. *(Optional) Secondary Stat 2

*Optional stats are not required but will make the choice more specific


1. Strength
2. Strength
3. Dexterity


1. Charisma
2. Wisdom
3. Constitution

(PLEASE make sure to number your choices so it is clear what stat you want in which category.)


What I need:

1. Character you want to be an adventurer

2. Your choices from the list above.

3. (Optional) Give them some pudge?