The Fantasy Footballers Updates 9/30
Wanted to let the #FootClan know what's new in our world...

- Completed our first Patreon Livestream yesterday, which was pretty fun.  We'll be doing them towards the beginning of the month most months, for all Patrons supporting the show at the $15 and above level.  You can view the recorded cast here:

- The Fantasy Footballers "Water Wheel" app is almost done!  This will be on the App Store soon and will be free!  Make your bets now, then use the app payment accordingly.  

- Mike is hard at work on his "Ode to the Footclan" -- the guitar ballad I involuntarily volunteered him to do if we hit our $2,000 goal!  

- Not only do we have FULL episodes of the show available on YouTube (, but we have begun breaking the show up into segments and posting them there as well, in case you just want to catch up on a certain part or re-watch something you listened to earlier.  

- We're now on Instagram!  We figured this would be a cool way to show some of the day-to-day to our #FootClan listeners... (

That's it for now!  New shows coming daily, we'll be on here answering questions whenever we can!  Thanks for your continued support of our independent show!