Here's the FAQ page directly from my blog! So if you're curious about what the Domus project is, just keep reading... What is the "Domus project"? Answer #1 - It's the construction in scale 1:50 of a late medieval palace in the style of Genoa (my hometown), built brick by brick using real construction materials or similars. It's neither a plastic model nor a dollhouse, as it tries to reply the real structure in its execution and not only in its appearance. Answer #2 - It's a way to give vent to my creativity and to fix a long run goal, keeping my mind busy to avoid wasting time on trivial matters such as politics, tv, football and religion. When the construction did begin? I started working on the Domus in July, 2009, after a few months of stduy and prior research. However, the project is still in development and it changed much since then. Now it includes a tower and some more volumes. What is the project schedule? There is no deadline. As the work progresses I'll show the developments on this blog, hoping someone will be intersted in reading it. Right now I still don't know of how many structures the final complex will be formed, so it is probable that it will follow me for the rest of my days, unless natural disasters or disabling accidents. Why just a genoese palace? First of all, because it's my hometown. Then, because no palace in the whole town preserved its original features through the centuries, and many are in very bad conditions. I've always wondered what could be their look at the time of their construction. Where did you learned your architectural skills? I attended an art high school where I studied the fundamentals of architecture and drawings, but It wasn't my purpose to be an architect. I work as a professional artist in the comic industry, and this is my personal page. I learned my superficial knowledge about medieval construction on the internet and some books I bought to go ahead with my project. So I'm not a big expert in the field and it's more than possible that some details of my work are not 100% reliable. I'm always looking for documentary evidences, but more things I'll learn on the way... Can I give you suggestions or point out some error? It is your ethical duty! But if you're only trying to say I'm making a s**t work, please use the star rating system below every post. Where do you find all the materials? Anywhere. On the street, in the countryside, along the rivers, on the beach... They proceed largerly from wastes or reuse of other objects. I find especially inspiring to create something new from garbage. I buy the rest (glues, accessories, tools) in DIY or hardware stores Where is the Domus? Is it possible to see it? The construction site is set in my home in Granada, Spain. It's 2000km far from its original town, but in the end, Christophorus Columbus also came here to make real his "american" dream... The only way to see it (for now) is contacting me via e-mail, gain my confidence and take a trip to Andalusia. But I must say... its size is so small that it could result in a disappointment. But in the end, WHY are you doing it? Because nobody told me to do it. W.M.