FAQ - Troubleshooting
Hey Patrons!

We've been getting a few messages recently regarding the swf file and how to run the game. To help future Patrons that may run into the same issues, we've compiled a few common questions with answers below.

1. I’m a patron, now what?

Once a patron, you’ll have access to our patron only feed where you can download builds, images and vote on the polls! 

Here is the Quickie Game Library.

2. I’ve just pledged, but the game is still locked?

Our premium builds have everything unlocked. Please make sure you’ve downloaded the premium build.

3. What’s the best way to open the swf file?

I’d highly recommend downloading the standalone Adobe Flash Projector (thanks BearAwareness!). I've attached the latest Adobe Flash Projector for both Windows and Mac to this post to make things easier (just above the comments). It's also available on the Adobe website.

Otherwise, most browsers should play swf files by simply dragging the file onto the browser window, but may require enabling the flash player by default.

4. Is it possible to play on a Mac?

Definitely! See Question 3's answer.

5. When I open the swf file it’s stuck on LOADING 0%. How do I fix this?

Our first few builds had a loading issue when trying to play the game in Chrome, but we have since made new builds fixing this issue (and this fix will be included in future builds). Please make sure you’ve downloaded the fixed builds.

6. Can I play on my mobile/tablet device?

We now release APK files for Android devices from Quickie: Professor Belmont onward. Please check out our Quickie Games Library to find what games are currently available for your Android device.

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