Hello everyone,
this will be a FAQ to answer the most common questions.

What kind of game is The Tyrant?
The Tyrant is a sandbox game where you can play the way you want and aren’t tied to a linear story. You can decide yourself how you want to play it. You have to choose yourself which events you want to do and how the story progresses.

The day always repeats. Is this a bug?
The repeating day stands for the weekdays. The daily routine is always the same, but you can improve the events by collecting points (love or corruption, or by loosing relationship when you are in NTR mode) and get options to do more actions with the characters. (bigger update in version 0.3.5 for that).
The weekends will be implemented some time later.

Is there a story?
Yes, several events are tied to the story. But you can decide yourself how fast you progress or if you ignore the story completely. (Story events will be marked in the future, starting in version 0.3.5)

How can I enter the basement?
It will be possible in version 0.3.5 to enter the basement.

Why do I loose relationship points all the time?
This is to make the game harder and give you some challenge. It is still somewhat easy, but you can also change to a harder mode to get a real challenge.

It is a sandbox game so I could play forever?
Yes. But when you want to end the story, to see one of the possible endings you need to complete the last event of the story. (It will be marked so you can’t finish the game accidentally).

When the game will be done?
Planned release date is with version 1.0 which will be at least April 2019.

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