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FAQ: V1.6 02/22


1. What do the versions numbers mean?
These indicate the steps to make it easy for you to understand the game’s progress.

2. Why is the public version the same as the Patreon version?
We’re working on one version of the game. The difference is the time it comes available to the public. Patrons get the latest version first. The highest tier straight on the release date.

3. Do I have to start a new game with every update?
No, but sometimes it can be recommended start a new game as the game is under development, I will tell you when this is the case.

4. But Can I use my old saves on Android for a new update?
For Android the game can’t be overwritten like PC and Mac. But you can back up your save game before you install the new version.  We will explain this under the new release post on Patreon.

5. Are the included events finished?
Not all are, and during the development it’s possible a route will continue in a different version. This will be mentioned in RED letters when you reach a current end for this version.

6. Will there be cheats or saves?
No, see point 10 under "Game".

7. Will there be a walkthrough?
Not really but we have an introduction play through to help you on your way written by SDevil (You can download it on DISCORD), And ingame there is a Scene Checker, so you can see which scenes you have reached (BETA and not complete)

8. When will the finished version of “The Promise“ the Beginning be released?
I estimate at the end of 2022 or early 2023. It depends on the circumstances, since this is my first game. Starting 2017 with a RPGMaker version I’ve switched engines July 2018 to the Ren’Py version. The maximum time I’ve given myself is 5 years for the first part of the project. It’s a learning process.

9. Can I use my old save from the previous game in the second/third part?
Yes, the plan is to transfer your choices of the previous game which will have an influence on the next part.

10. What is the „Talk with developer day“, and how often will it be?
I think there will be 4 per year and perhaps more if gamers need it. You can ask us questions about the game; give feedback or share other wishes for the game. And we can talk about it anytime on the Discord Channel.

11. You make a lot of „promises“, will they all come true or is this going to be one of those abandoned Patreon games one day?
I am aware of this effect, but I think this will be a great game and I can promise you I will never abandon this project or put it on hold to make another project.

12. You are not a native English speaker?
No, but I have help. SDevil is my proofreader and scene writer raised bilingual and graduated in English at High School level. (Thanks SDevil)

13. Are animations in the game?
Yes, there are. Mostly for the erotic and walking scenes. Some existing animations might be reworked before the final release as well.

14. Someone says your models look ugly.
Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but the game is not finished. I try to make the models look more realistic and not just like porn fuck dolls. I try to make as many people happy as possible with different models.

15. But what’s with the wife?
Can’t spoil too much. It is story related. 😉

16. What can I do with all the chars in the game?
Since there are three separate parts planned for „The Promise“ (see Patreon our Page for more), it varies. It is possible for some girls and women, the "real action" starts at the beginning of the second part.

17. Does that mean I can’t get with Lisa?
You are probably talking about the Patreon rules about incest. The rules allow it if it is story related and fits in the setting of the game. In my game it is not the main goal to get with her. But there won’t be any real incest in this game. Feel free to ask me more about this.

18. What does Trilogy and three parts mean exactly?
It means that it gives three different games with an individual ending. See under General point 9. The first part is “The Beginning” and just after that we’ll work on the second part.


1. When will I find my name in the credits?
After you reached the 40 $ Lifetime pledge.

2. What is a Faithful patron?
That means you are a longtime supporter (120 $ Lifetime pledge) of my work and then your name will be on the top of the credits depending on your pledges which grants you get access to my side projects.

3. When can I see preview images from new versions?
I don’t use an exact timeline, since it depends on image rendering but I try to post one every week.

4. What are side projects?
Side projects are other ideas I have, from time to time I post some images or a playable version, but „The Promise“ is my priority. For side projects I don’t have exact release dates and time laps can be slow.


1. Why is the main character wearing a condom during sex?
For your wife this is mind/story related. For the other women it is related to their personality and depending on the situation. It can sometimes even be optional.

2. All NPCs are fuck dolls?
Absolutely not, every character has her own personality. Some won’t give you more than just an HJ while others can behave like dirty sluts.

3. Does that mean NTR is in the game (Perhaps when I am only into one girl)?
The question is what really is NTR? I don’t think it is, because the idea of this game is a livable environment and not a dead „only I can fuck everyone“. For example, of course it is possible your daughter will get into a relationship or another might have a boyfriend or husband. Some will cheat, others won’t. It’s a life simulation. But NTR has a clear definition: A stranger stealing your loved one. And this will never happen.

4. That means sharing or swinging will not be possible?
It will because it isn’t NTR. Both will be possible but not fully included in the first part for your wife. It will be only in fantasy roleplaying mode and there can be small kinky situations, story related. In the second part you will be able to share your part or do some swinging. Not in the mind but actual sex.

5. Do I have influence over somebody?
Relation or stat related, yes, but you there won’t be any mind controlling. You can influence others with your choices.

6. Is it possible an NPC gets to play a bigger part?
Of course, if enough people want me to make it real and it suits to the story.

7. Which fetishes are in the game?
For this please look at my Patreon page, there you find the current and planned tags. I will try to find and include several fetishes and some are even optional to give many people a good gaming experience.

8. What is difference between the global and the individual story?
The individual story (main story) is your story about your family and a better life in Niveria. The global story (Side stories) are not influenced by this and optional to follow.

9. What is the Scene Checker?
At the moment it is still Beta, but this is your small game guide. You will see which situations are possible in the game with small hints. You can look at it as an achievement system. For the gamers who like to collect them.

10. The game has grind as a main factor, is the balance final?
Absolutely not. On the contrary, I’m glad about your feedback concerning the balance. Our goal is not to build a grindy game. But starting a new game you will need some time to build your stats.

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