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FAQ: V1.4 07/19


1. What do the versions numbers mean?
I have change it in steps of 0.01, but I might change that in the future back to 0.05.

2. Why is the public version the same as the Patreon version?
Because for now I see no reason to change this. Patrons get the game sooner than the public. But when I get more Patrons, we will discuss in the community whether to change this or not.

3. Must I start a new game with every update?
No, but sometimes it is necessary to start a new game, I will tell you when this is the case.

4. Are the implemented events finished?
No, it is possible that I add or change something in the future until the game has reached the final version (1.0).

5. Will there be cheats or saves?
This has no priority for the moment, but perhaps I will have a poll about this later on.

6. Will there be a walkthrough?
No, see point 11 under "Game".

7. When will the finished first version of “The Promise“ be released?
I guess in 2020. I don’t know for sure, since this is my first game.

8. Will all three parts be available in one game?
First I thought yes, but now I think it’s better to make three separate games, due to the size and other reasons. But it will be possible to use the last save of the prequel.

9. What is the „Talk with developer day“, and how often will it be?
I think there will be 4 per year or more if it’s necessary. You can ask me questions about the game; give me feedback or other wishes for the game. And we can talk about anything.

10. You make a lot of „promises“, will it all come or will one of those porn games that will be abandoned?
I am aware of this effect, but I think this will be a great game after 1-2 years and I can promise you I will never abandon this project or put it on hold to make another project.

11. You are not a native English speaker?
No, but a proofreader corrected my words. (Thanks to SDevil)

12. Are animations in the game?
I try to make animations for the unique scenes and I know taht i have to rework some of them.

13. Someone says your models looks ugly.
Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but the game is not finished. I try to make the models look more realistic and not just like porn fuck dolls. I try to make as many people happy as possible with different models.

14. But what’s with the wife?
It is story related. 😉

15. What can I do with all the chars in the game ?
Because the plan is to make three parts of „The Promise“ (see Patreon Page for more), it varies. It is possible for some girl, that the "real action" starts first in the second part.


1. When will I find my name in the credits?
After you reached the 40 $ Lifetime pledge.

2. What is a Faithful patron?
That means you are a long time supporter of my work and then your name will be on the top of the credits depended on your pledges.

3. When can I see preview images from new versions?
I have no exact timeline, because the rendering is different but I try to post one every week.

4. In your rewards are different polls.
Yes I know, but for polls you need more votes and it is currently not supported in some reward levels. I hope this will change soon. 😉

5. What are side projects?
Side projects are other ideas I have, from time to time I post some images or a playable version, but „The Promise“ is my priority. That means it will give no release dates or the like and it is possible you see nothing new for months on those other projects.


1. Why are condoms in the game?
For your wife the reason is in her mind/story. For the others it is in her personality, sometimes you can choose.

2. What is the difference between an "MNPC", "INPC" and an "NPC" in your game“?
For better eplanation please look here: Characters 

3. Okay this means all INPCs and NPCs are fuck dolls?
Absolutely not, every character has its own personality, it is possible that you get never more from one as a HJ or anything, but you will meet dirty sluts too of course.

4. Does that mean NTR is in the game (Perhaps when I am only into Lisa or others)?
No, because it gives a clearly definition for NTR. The idea of this game is a livable environment and not a dead „only I can fuck everyone“. For example, of course it is possible your daughter will get into a relationship or another INPC might have a boyfriend or husband. Some will cheat, others won’t. But the reactions of your wife depends on your choices.

5. Do I have influence over somebody?
Yes, but not mind control or anything like that. You can influence others with your choices.

6. Is it possible that an NPC goes for an INPC?
Of course, if enough people want me to make it real.

7. Which fetishes are in the game?
For this please look at my Patreon page, there you find the current and the planned tags. I will try to find different things to give many people a good gaming experience

8. What is different between the global and the individual story?
The individual story is your story about your family and a better life in Niveria. The global story has nothing to do with this and you don’t have to follow it if you don’t want to. It starts at the Newsstand but at the moment nothing is implemented.

9. What are unique events?
Unique events are special events for the different jobs.

10. What is with this "Sideevents“ within the unique events?
They are only for the idle-time between the unique events and some time after that. The events reached from only have a look until to do more.

11. What is the Scene planer?
At the moment it is still Beta, but this is your small game guide. You will see which situations are possible in the game with small hints, and can replay old scenes.

12. The game has grind as a main factor, is the balance final?
Absolutely not. On the contrary, I’m glad about your feedback concerning the balance.

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