FAQ Q. If I select $5 Elite Backer can I still get the Early Backer Bonus? A. Every backer gets added to the Early Backer list. All pledges, for any amount of money, before 30th June 2015 will automatically get Early Backer Status as well. Q. When does my status on Game-Debate.com get updated to show that I have backed? A. Patreon do not offer an API for joining their data to our own data. So at the moment we manually stitch together our databases. As it is the beginning of the campaign we are aiming to do it every hour through the daytime. But please allow us 12-24 hours. We are also working on another process to make this more regular. Q. Do I have to log out and back in again on Game-Debate.com to get the Patreon status update and ad removal? A. Yes. Q. How do you join my Patreon backing to my Game-Debate.com account? A. Make sure your stored email address for Game-Debate is exactly the same one as used on Patreon. We have added the facility in Game-Debate to allow you to change your email address, so you can make sure it is the same as the Patreon email address. Q. If every visitor to Game-Debate backed $1, how long would it take to reach the top milestone of $15000? A. Less than 4 hours We will update this file as more questions come in Thanks for your support. Hugs, Felix