• I've made a pledge, but I need to send in my request. How do I do that?
    To keep the spambots off our contact info, we've left our email in a patron only post. Alternately, you can send us a Patreon message.
  • When should I send in my request?
    As  soon as possible! *laughs* The first week of the month or the  last few  days of the preceding month are the best, that way we can  start working  on it as soon as Patreon tells us the month's charges  have cleared,  which is usually the third of the month. (This is also  why there's  almost no content in the first week of the month.) 
  • How will I be credited as a patron, when you post the work?
    However  you tell us to credit you! Failing that, we'll use the name  you use on  Patreon or, if we know you on Tumblr or AO3, we'll  attribute it to your  username, so you'll be notified it was posted.
  • What if I don't want to be credited as a patron?
    Let us know in your request! We have anons among our patrons, now,  and it's no trouble to say something was requested by an anonymous  patron.
  • Can I make requests related to your non-fandom works?
    If you know anything about our non-fandom works, sure! Jump right in.
  • You haven't finished [fic] and I really like it! Can I bribe you to add another chapter?
    Continuations   of stuff we left open can always be funded, if we've got anything   unfinished you'd like us to give priority to. Just go in for the   'shortfic' pledge, and request it.
  • The shortfics are really short. Can I request a multi-chapter shortfic?
    Yes!  If you'd like to use the next month to continue the fic from the month  before, or you anticipate that you're asking for something that may take  multiple months, just let us know! 
  • I've noticed you don't post shortfics on Patreon! How will those be delivered?
    Shortfics/codices are posted elsewhere, and the patron will receive a Patreon message with a link to the requested work. If we forget to message you -- rare, but it does happen -- just drop a message and remind us.
  • What timezone is your events calendar in?
    As  of right now, it's using Eastern Time -- EST (GMT -5)/EDT (GMT -4) --  same as our chat schedule posts. If you need to convert that to your  local time, we suggest this timezone converter.

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