Nobody asked :-) But maybe you'd like to know:

Where do I see the complete series of my patron level?
I'll send you an e-mail with the gallery URL and the password when I have received Patreon's notification that you have become a patron.

Where is my password?
As soon as I have seen that you have become a patron, I send you the password per email. It is coming from my email address [email protected] . Should you not receive it, please check your spam folder and allow my address. Please allow me a little time, because I send this email manually, but it should never take more than 24 hours until your receive yours..

How long is my password valid?
The passwords are valid until the 10th of the following month. You'll receive a new password around the 10th of each month as long as you remain an active patron. If you joined between the first and the 10th of a month, you first receive the password for the time left until the 10th and within the next days a new password valid for the rest of the month and until the 10th of the next month.

Why do you send passwords at the 10th and not the 1st of each month?
It takes a while until Patreon has charged all the monthly payments and I can download the list of all payments. Usually the list is ready around the 5th or 6th of a month and after that I send out the new passwords. To make sure that you have access to the gallery all the time, the passwords are always valid until the 10th of the next month.

Will your images still be available for free?
Well,  I would have loved to continue to publish part of my photography for free  on tumblr, as I always did, but tumblr decided to get just another another facebook with nipple-panic. I believe art should be free and accessible  to everybody, but at present I don't see any social networks or free websites that are worthwhile to use. Also pages like 500px have adjusted their double-moral to a time that I thought was passed like 100 years ago. Butz should their appear a successful and open-minded photography website in future, I'll probably publish some work there.

Here at Patreon I am offering you to see complete series, often photos I wouldn't publish elsewhere, and you have the chance to see  many new images long before they appear on any other place. All my new work is published first and exclusively here.

Will you show only new work?
No.  Besides of new work that will always appear first here, I will also show you unpublished earlier work. Plus I constantly re-edit series of photos  that once have been published on pay-sites only and you will see all the fresh edits exclusively here.

Are there nudes only?
Most of the images are nudes. But from time to time I maybe publish some images from my journeys, a landscape, whatever...

Will you show only perfect images?
No.  Sometimes failed images show a "behind the scenes" of what happens during a session, sometimes they are especially sexy, sometimes they are  just fun. Although, of course, I'd love to show only my best results,  for this page I'll get over my vanity and publish some of those images,  too. For your eyes only and exclusively here.

In a photo session I take quite a lot of photos. Probably not as many as others (I am not a "mass-clicker"), but still quite a lot. I am happy when in a session arise 1 or 2 really great images (that I would hang on the wall) and some 5 or 10 that one can call good images (that could be published in a magazine or book). Then there are "not bad" images, and, of course, "bad" ones, where the eyes of the model are half closed or the pose failed, the perspective is wrong, a foot or a hand is unintentionally cut, the flash didn't trigger, an important part is out of focus or the image is blurred (some models make me shake my hands ;-) ) and so on.

Here I publish almost complete series, e.g. I just leave out the "bad" ones. Sometimes I even publish a bad one because it has something special that somehow makes it at least interesting...

Are your images for adults only?
Yes, most of them.

Is there explicit content?
Only  if you wish. All rewards contain beautiful, artistic and uncensored  nudes. The very private, personal posts with explicitly sexual contents (real sexual acts, sometimes short videos of such contents) only appear in the "Special"-level.  

What does "natural women" mean for your photography?
Most  of the lovely and open minded women I portray in the nude are  "non-models". Many have never been photographed professionally before  and the first session often is the first time they reveal their sensual  secrets in front of a camera. My approach to discover new models allows  my authentic images without the professional poses of accustomed glamour  models. Sometimes I am approached by (semi)professional models and if  they can still pose freely and naturally I like to work with them, too. However, I only accept models without any cosmetic surgery and in most  cases with unshaven pubic hair.

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Yes, at any time. You can always cancel or adjust your support for any reason.

Why should I become a patron?
Creating  art is expensive. Models want to (and should) be paid decently, finding exceptional locations comes not for free, and there's a lot of time  spent in finding eligible models, editing and publishing. Although I  live from my photography since many years I have never been a very good  business or marketing man and it's hard for me to see and treat my art  as a simple commodity. Your support allows me to focus on creating art, to grow as an artist and to reach new artistic goals,  while I still can make my art work available for free.   

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 840 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 840 exclusive posts