FAQ and Technical Issues
Okay, guys. So far I'm getting more and more questions (more regarding technical issues with running the game, and less about the game itself). 

I will try to assemble some FAQ here, with correct image guides attached. I hope this can help.

Please let me know if some other guides might help

During the game I get an error: Context3D not available!

- You need to run the game from html file included into archive or a website. To do it: 1) download zip archive; 2) unpack it to folder; 3) run game (double click or drag & drop to browser) from 'leave2gether 1280x800.html' file (not SWF)

I get empty screen and 'download Flash' button, when I open game

1)  If you get 'download Flash Player' when opening html file (like on the image above) it doesn always mean you need to download it. Click on the 'get Adobe Flash Player' button and you browser would ask you if you want to allow game to run Flash. (see image 'get Adobe (Chrome).jpg' attached below)

2) Make sure your browser (here is for Chrome) allows running flash content. Open at the address bar chrome://settings/content/flash and make sure running flash is allowed (see image 'activate flash (Chrome).jpg' attached)

I can't get my old save games (from previous version)

If you played downloadable (zip archive) version of the game before and do experience issue with your save games, do the following:
- find the latest game version (and in which folder it is located) with working save games
- extract new game version
- move 'leave2gether.swf' file to the folder, where you had your save files working before. 

I can't see my old save games after I play same game version next time

Make sure that you run game in browser standard mode, as incognito modes will clear all cache after you close it (including save games)

What do the cheats do?

Open gallery, add relations / career, add slutiness, add money