FAQ for February Patrons
Q: What happens if I won't be able to attend my session?

A: Just shoot me a message and we can reschedule it to a time that fits you. If no appointment fits your schedule we can talk about out of schedule appointments, refunds or other ways of solving the situation

Q: Where are the Coaching Sessions?

A: All Coaching Sessions happen in the private Coaching Channel on the ioStux Discord. Be early and send me a private message! https://discord.gg/Tmv3rJw

Q: Where can I sign up?

A: http://doodle.com/poll/qwbegse3h2yddun7 (Add a number to your Name if you have multiple sessions!

Q: Is there anything I need to prepare for the Coaching Session?

A: For first coaching Sessions I only need some Initial questions. Try to prepare some information about yourself (Gaming History, problems you face, dedication etc.). For subsequent Coaching Sessions try to prepare a specific Topic you want to tackle (Specific Maps/Gamemodes you are bad at, Reviewing Gameplay,  Mentality and Mindset Issues etc.) although I have more than enough Topics to cover in case you can't come up with anything. 

Q: What happens when I show up late?

A: I need to be a little harsh here sadly. If you think you will be late, its better for you to reschedule the coaching Session. If I have another coaching Session after yours then starting later will only take time away from your session, as I don't want the other coachee to wait. Please try to be on the discord earlier, rather than later =)

Q: Can I bring a VoD to the Coaching Sessions?

A: Yes! Just upload the VoD to Youtube and we can go over it together, talking about whats going on and working on your own Vod Reviewing skills.

Q: I don't want my coaching Session anymore/ I need the money again

A: If you want a refund we need to discuss it in a case by case basis. If you want to get a refund make sure to tell me early enough. When you ask for a refund I don't require a reason or anything, just send me a message and I see what I can do. Keep in mind though that Patreon charges some fees, so I may not be able to refund the complete Transaction because it could be abused too easily (People pledging 1000$, refunding it and I am losing lots of funds because of fees).

Q: papa stux wil ai git gud wit uno cotsching seschion?

A: Wether you will see drastic Improvements is entirely up to you. What you will get however is knowledge and techniques to learn faster.  You will definitely see results faster than without the coaching session, but the amount of results depends on your dedication and willingness to learn (Which I rate quite highly seeing that you applied for the session!). You can have expectations, but this is coaching, no Elo Boosting! =)

Q: Tag Team Coaching Sessions?/Can someone listen to my coaching session?

A: If you are a couple (Bro couples count too!) we can organize Tag Team Sessions too.  Just let me know in advance and keep in mind that the  Session will still focus on the one that signed up, but this way your friend can get a feeling for how the sessions go and snag some free knowledge! This DOESN'T mean that anyone you dont consent to will be present during the sessions. By default the sessions are 1 on 1, completely discreet, and without your consent no footage(If any is recorded) will ever go public.

If you have any more questions let me know!