FAQ for Full Frontal Frog Patreon!

Last Updated 2021-05-12

This is the help page for the Full Frontal Frog Patreon! Here, we answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) and provide useful information.

The main FAQ for the game Oh So Hero! has been moved to the Oh So Hero! Wiki

Info pertaining to Patreon and Discord, including rewards and downloads, will remain in this post. Send us a message if you have any questions that are not answered here!

[#1] How can I play Oh So Hero?

$5+ PATRONS: Download the latest build here!

Everyone else: Download Oh So Hero! Pre Edition II on itch.io right now!

Updated game builds with new art, animations, and other content will be sent to $5+ patrons on a regular basis (typically end of each month). Keep following our development blog for more news!

[#2] What is Patreon? How does this work?

Basically, you donate a tiny bit of money to us for monthly rewards. Any amount you give instantly makes you our "patron", which comes with cool perks like preview builds of Oh So Hero! And the more you donate, the bigger the rewards! These are arranged in tiers that you can see on the right side of the screen (or further down the page on mobile devices).

[#3] How do I connect to the Discord server? / Where's the link?

You must have Discord connected to your Patreon account. Visit the "Apps" tab of your profile settings and hit the Connect button next to Discord. When you are connected and pledge to Full Frontal Frog, you will automatically be invited into our Discord server. There's no link needed.

However, if you experience problems, please return to the "Apps" tab, disconnect Discord, and then reconnect. Afterwards, if you are still not invited into our Discord server, send us a private message here on Patreon or send a Discord message to Ket#7408 so we can help.

[#4] How long does the Discord access last?

The Discord server is intended for active patrons only. If a former patron has been in the server for over a month since their last successful pledge, they may be removed at our discretion. However, we aim to be fair and to honor our devoted supporters. Contact us directly if you have any concerns about this policy.

[#5] It's the start of a new month and my Patreon payment is not going through and/or my Discord roles have been removed. What do?

Don't panic. This is just Patreon being Patreon. It tries to process all of the payments at the beginning of the month but never does it perfectly. We recommend waiting until the 8th of the month to see if the issue resolves itself. You may also contact us with your Patreon username so we can take a look and provide more personalized assistance.

[#6] For one month of subscription, I was debited money two times. What happened?

Patreon does not work like most subscription services. Patreon always renews pledges on the 1st of each month, regardless of when you subscribed. Their model of support is locked to calendar months.

Here's an example: If you pledge to the $5 tier on Jan 31, you will be charged $5 on Jan 31 (for the month of Jan), and then you will be charged another $5 on Feb 1 (for the month of Feb).

Many people see this as "double billing" or being "charged twice". In any case, this is obviously not a good system, and is something Patreon is actively looking to change. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. If you would like to learn more, please read this article. Note that we use charge up front billing, which is the standard for most creators.

[#7] How does the Oh So Hero credit reward work?

If you pledge $10 or more, you have the option to be included in the credits of Oh So Hero!

Use this form to submit your name!

The $10 requirement is based on your "lifetime pledge" which is the total amount you have pledged to this Patreon. The higher your lifetime pledge, the higher your name will be in the credits! The credits will be updated for each major release of the game, so keep pledging each month to get higher up on the list! Also, Ko-fi/PayPal donors will have their donations from those sources included in the lifetime pledge total as well~

[#8] What if I'm having a problem playing Oh So Hero?

Please see the Troubleshooting wiki page. This also has info for submitting bug reports.

[#9] When will you release bonus art, extra animations, or anything I can put on my phone?

We will occasionally release bonus art, typically in the form of animations. These may be taken straight from the game or they may be standalone works. There is no schedule for releasing these works, but we will update you all when there is something new to share with you!

[#10] When is Oh So Hero coming to Android?

We are working towards getting Oh So Hero on Android in some fashion. It depends on how well we can optimize the performance to work on a mobile device. We don't have a timeframe for this.

[#11] I missed some of your older art. Where can I find it?

The link to Redemption3445's bonus art can be found here. ($2+ Patrons Only)

In addition, there's a lot of our artwork sprinkled about the Internet. Go to the home pages of Ket Ralus and Red Emption to find links to help your search. The galleries in particular will have most, if not all, of our public art!

[#12] Am I allowed to share the art you posted to Patreon or Discord?

Please keep the art private! However, if it has been at least two months since a piece of art has been posted, you may contact Red and ask for permission to share it.

[#13] Can you tell me more about the rewards?

We will try to provide a more comprehensive description of every reward when time permits. For now, you may message us with any questions you may have. Ribbit! 🐸

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