+ What is the $1057 reward?

+ Do I have to attend the conference to receive the conference coin?

You do NOT have to attend the conference. We can ship the coin directly to you for just $10 S&H. However, if you attend the conference, you can participate in the crypto challenge and possibly win an awesome prize!

+ How many times will I be charged my Pledge Amount?

You will only be charged your pledge amount one time per event.

+ "I want ALL the THINGS!" How do I subscribe so I never miss an event?

We are currently working out a system for this. In the mean time, be sure to watch for new events and pledge.

+ I accidentally put the wrong address in for shipping. How do I fix this?

Don't stress. Before your coin is shipped, you will receive an email to verify the information submitted. If something came up and you can/cannot attend the conference, just let us know and we can coordinate shipping with you then.

+ I'm one of the 33. How do I select the number I want to receive?

Once the 33 pledge slots are filled, pledgers will be contacted in the order of the pledges. This will be treated on a first come, first served basis.

+ I paid for a Curious Codes Talisman, so why is it not eligible for the challenge?

We appreciate all the support from our pledgers and so we are offering this rare opportunity to receive the Curious Codes Talisman. However, In order to maintain the integrity of the puzzle process, only those who participate in and are one of the first 50 to complete the first stage are eligible for the second stage of the challenge. However, your conference talisman is eligible for stage one, so you still have a chance to win your way into the second stage and win a second Curious Codes Talisman!

Stay Curious.

The Curious Codes Team