FAQs for The 7th Annual 100 Days of #BlueMind Challenge

What is The 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge?

In 2014 when the book Blue Mind launched we created The 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge. It was part book tour, part promotional campaign, but really it was all about challenging people to put Blue Mind science into practice every day to build new blue habits. 

It was a great success, so we decided to do it again, and again, and again…

When does it begin and why one hundred days?

This year it begins on May 25th (Memorial Day) which is the unofficial start of summer for many people in the Northern Hemisphere. It goes until September 7th (Labor Day), unofficial end of summer. In prior years those dates were separated by one hundred days, hence The 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge.

Practicing Blue Mind daily for 100 days builds new blue habits. 

Even small gestures, done regularly and with others, create positive new neural pathways, associations, routines and rituals. The book Blue Mind dives deeply into the science.

This year it is 105 days from May 25th to September 7th, we can all use those extra days of Blue Mind!

You say this is an important moment for the #bluemind groundswell, why is that?

Yes, "blue mind" was being called the top wellness trend of 2020...and then COVID-19 happened. Now its role as a tool in our wellness toolkit is more important than ever. Anxiety (red mind) and burnout (gray mind) are at an all-time high.

As coronavirus health concerns, social isolation, and job-loss stress take their toll, people turn to self-medication and prescriptions; ‘It can very quickly become a habit’. People need to know about, have access to, and practice better alternatives daily to build those good "blue habits". 

The Wall Street Journal published this article: More People Are Taking Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia, and Doctors Are Worried.

How can someone get involved?

It’s very simple. Just get near, in, on or under your wild, domestic, urban or even virtual waters daily and share your story. If you use social media, use the #bluemind hashtag so we can all find, follow, like and share each other’s contributions.

Your “water” can be a lake, river, ocean, creek, pool, tub, shower or spa. You can swim, kayak, sail, paddle, surf, float, walk, splash or just water-gaze. Your water can also be virtual: art, photography, music, film or poetry. There are no wrong answers and you will quickly see the wide diversity of waters people love.

Some people share an inspiring water-full work of art, photo, film, poem or song daily. 

Some share important #bluemind memories from their lives. 

Some challenge themselves to literally get submerged every day.

You decide, and feel free to mix it up. This is a chance to show your creativity.

So, what’s the point of The 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge?

We all need to be reminded of the true physical, social and emotional value of water in our lives. When we forget, we undervalue our waters, and bad things happen…both to the waters and ourselves. 

Unfortunately, Blue Mind science and practice is missing from many academic, policy and professional discussions, is largely absent from schools, aquariums and nature centers. and is rarely prescribed by health professionals. We are fixing that.

By building new blue habits, together, we'll take better care of ourselves, each other and our water planet.

We are also dedicated to making Blue Mind common knowledge, accessible to everyone and a regular practice for all people. This challenge is one of the ways we do that.

Blue Mind is an antidote to the modern rise in red mind (anxiety) that is leading to gray mind (burnout). This has never been important than right now.

What is a Bluescription?

You'll find a description here. It's a fun way to encourage people to get their Blue Mind on regularly. It is not a substitute for advice from your regular health professional, but it does recognize the vast amount of compelling research on Blue Health. 

We send personalized Bluescriptions to all of our patrons.

Is this an online, social media thing? I don't do social media.

That’s entirely up to you. Many people who participate share their actives daily or weekly on their social media platforms. But it’s also a great time to unplug completely and share your Blue Mind offline, through journaling, conversations and private contemplation. A mix of both is recommended. It's fun to participate in the daily rhythms created when we’re all connecting with our waters together.

If you do social media, use the #bluemind hashtag so we can all find you and collaborate.

If you are a patron, you'll get useful, daily updates via email. BTW, you can turn off those notifications any time!

How can I learn more about Blue Mind science and practice?

We have thousands of articles, videos, podcasts reports and books available to use and share freely. 

Do a quick search for “blue mind” and any specific terms you are interested in such as “wellness”, “mindfulness”, “surf therapy”, “swimming” or “boating”.

Please consider endorsing and sharing the Blue Mind Rx Statement. It contains a growing list of peer reviewed research articles on Blue Mind, Blue Space and Blue Health.

Can I translate all this Blue Mind media into my language?

Yes, please! Everything we create is meant to be shared.

Why do you call it the Blue Mind Groundswell?

Blue Mind isn’t a brand, campaign, organization or a business. It’s not a movement in the new sense of that word. It’s more a movement of movements. It’s has become a widespread, useful, creative conversation that is flourishing in the nine sectors we work in. 

So, we call it a groundswell. It felt like the right word to use.

How can I do more to help create the Blue Mind Groundswell?

  • Jump into The 7th Annual 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge. 
  • Share Blue Mind books and blue marbles with those who would appreciate them. 
  • Join us as a patron
  • Send a Bluescription to someone who needs it, sign them up on Patreon.
  • Most important is to put Blue Mind science into practice in the ways that are most useful for you and those around you. We are open to creative collaborations of all kinds.

Please send more questions to add to this growing list: [email protected] 

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