Farewell Does Not Mean Goodbye: Christopher's Leaving Atheist Analysis

As the world continues to turn, we all have different paths in our journey. These paths take us many place while allowing us to interact with others, influence lives, and enjoy learning from each other.

Over the past year I have gone from scheduling guest to becoming a co host, to hosting and running Atheist Analysis. I have enjoyed my time interacting with the fans and the guests. We have a great run and i have enjoyed leading the journey toward a better tomorrow.

With sadness I am resigning my post at Atheist Analysis. Over the past month, there has become a need for me to part ways with Jonny Brotherton and Atheist Analysis. I am moving in a new direction, one localized to the community I live in, while changing the direction of my activism.

I will miss all the times I had here on the show, but need to make a change in my life that will allow for more freedom, more time with my family, and will help me become more in tune with helping to change the world.

Do not worry I will continue to work within the community and will continue to produce content. If you enjoyed my work here at Atheist Analysis, please follow me on my personal twitter account @christ0583 and my personal Facebook page.

I have enjoyed what I have built here at Atheist Analysis and I have enjoyed learning and growing along with all of you. As I leave here tonight, I will leave you will the new project that I have created with the help of Chris Hanna.

Please join me over at my new project Cellar Door Skeptics.

Cellar Door Skeptics is a podcast based out of Grand Rapids Michigan featuring hosts Christopher Tanner & Chris Hanna. This podcast will include some video as we build up our show. We will be tackling science, skepticism, atheism, humanism, politics and entertainment. We are developing segments that will help you learn, laugh, and cry as we work toward building a better tomorrow.

We have setup a website, twitter, Facebook, and even a patreon. We are looking at launching by the end of September. Our goal is create a more improved version of what you have seen me do on Atheist Analysis, but with Chris Hanna as my co host. We will be creating content that will be focused around what we do best, social commentary, interviews, education, and science.

Thank you everyone for your support here at atheist Analysis and I look forward to seeing everyone over at my new project, Cellar Door Skeptics. Follow the links in the description to follow us.

Please join us over at Cellar Door Skeptics as we in prepare for the revolution!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdj8sFkg31DDFCxaUSlb9Jg/feed

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CellarDoorSkep

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CellarDoorSkeptics

Email: [email protected]