FarLight Saga - FLS0010 - The Archivist - Sigil
Art by Jacquline Taylor


Sigils have always fascinated me.  This idea of distilling an individual into a symbolic icon.  Something that plays heavily into the narrative of FarLight Saga is an exploration of the general concepts of symbolic interactionism.  Specifically to this idea the world exists based upon the perception of the individual.  That we give value, or symbolism, to the world around us.

Yes, that's something to then be said about a story that contains ten different narrative perspectives.  This idea that these individuals and their stories exist not just in a universal defined state, but also in a relative perception of the world.

Which, getting us back on topic, is why sigils have always fascinated me.  That they then take the individual and apply symbolism to identity.

For the actual functional usage here, this page in the book serves as kind of a formatting  page.  Specifically when laying out the book, or in theory double page spreads of the web comic we need to be able to maintain a proper left / right page rotation.  Since the Title page would have taken up a right page, we needed a back to it with another left page.  To allow then chapter one to start on the proper right / left pacing.  One of those behind the scene making things that just come into play.