This past weekend I headed to the farm for another short day's work. I wanted to tackle more of the pond restoration project, in addition to checking out the various other projects around the farm.

I bumped into my tenant farmer as he was prepping the shed for his pregnant cows, so we chewed the cud ourselves and spoke about poor lamb prices, pedigree cattle herds and the wildflower meadow. He cut it for us this year instead of me having to try and scythe it. That was a saving grace as it's meant I can put time into other things. And by mowing the entire field, it means that the wildflowers can more easily spread their seeds across the whole acreage rather than just the strip that's been sowed thus far.

Meanwhile, I discovered some poo I need to identify (fairly sure it's fox) and also some little deer footprints right up by the barn so it shows they're coming in closer to the buildings than ever.

All in all, a great day's out with some successful work done. Lots more to be done always!

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