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Farsight #2 cover and Soulsnatchers print sketches
Some new Farsight and Soulsnatchers goodies are on their way!

Due to life stuff, unfortunately Farsight #2 might not be available in print at Thought Bubble. However, I am making progress with it and it will likely make its debut at True Believers Comic Festival in February. The digital version should also be released by the end of the year (with Patrons pledging $5 or more getting their copy free). In the mean time, have a rough sketch of the cover, with this issue's main character Matt trying the Inner Listener on for size. :)

In Soulsnatchers news, I'm doing two prints for London MCM next month; one featuring Meg in her full demonic glory and Ben hosting a private poker game in a speakeasy. Progress images and videos will be uploaded and again, free high res copies of the finished prints will be available for pledges of $5 or more.

More to come soon!