The Fascinating Story of DRM
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I recently published a series of articles on the implications of DRM (digital rights managment) on Medium.

The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part One: Wario’s Woes

What were some early DRM technologies used by Nintendo, and how did Nintendo's piracy paranoia help give birth to the Sony Playstation?

The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Two: The Origin of Launch Week Battle

With Valve's amazingly successful Steam online gaming service and retail, EA and Activision/Blizzard were inspired to make their services more Steam-like, with ever important online DRM.

But EA's Origin service kept paying customers from playing SimCity, and problems kept paying customers from playing Diablo III. Is there any hope for online DRM?

The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Three: Big Corporate Lost Productivity

Online DRM isn't just for games. Microsoft and Adobe are strongly pushing SaaS (software as a service) for their industry standard productivity and creative software. What are the implications of that to businesses and consumers?

The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Four: Can You Live Without It?

With DRM causing so many problems for people in work and leisure, is there a way for users to do without it?

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