Fatal Core 2020

Hello everyone! 

2019 was a huge year for Fatal Core. We saw the game improve from a bare-bones prototype to an early Beta, robust with features and exciting gameplay.

I'm happy to tell you that 2020 will exceed our 2019 progress tremendously.

Let's start off with the most exciting development: We expect to push all the way to 1.0, releasing Fatal Core on Steam, in about 6 months. This version of the game will be much more balanced, user-friendly, and graphically appealing. The launch will be supported by a strong publicity push which is expected to raise our player numbers to compete with some of the recent entries into the TCG genre! 

Below is a full list of features which will be added to 1.0. Some of these are already advanced in development, while many others will be added 3-5 months from now. 

-Improved Tutorial

-Private matches

-"Boss" AI opponents with great "first clear" rewards!

-Comprehensive UI/UX/Quality of life overhaul. This includes visual and layout improvements to virtually every game screen, updates to Deckbuilder and Battle Log features, and much more.

-Introducing Alliances and 3 new Lead Characters! Each of the existing 3 Leads will be paired with a partner who has similar goals. These characters will have a completely different board and many unique cards, but will be able to share a large number of previously unique cards with their partner as well!

-Game length increase to 80 HP/12 rounds: this will result in more dynamic battles and give many more decks a chance to truly shine! Balance for some cards will be adjusted accordingly.

-Auction system

-Mission system

-Visual/thematic improvements to each Lead character's Board

-Alchemy system: sacrifice groups of low-grade cards to create high-grade cards!

-3 new keywords: Haste, Foreshadow, and Accumulate

-An estimated 60+ new cards

-Alternate card art, a rare treat for any collector

-Music and sound effects!

We are excited to bring you more info on these developments as we progress. Watch this space for more news!

Play Fatal Core TCG Beta at: https://fatalcoretcg.com 

Discord: http://discord.gg/augzm4n  

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