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Fate Codex - Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2015)
And... we're back! After a short hiatus, we're opening this Volume with a bang. Woot! Remember that this month marks the beginning of our new release schedule. We talked about this a bit in an update last month, but the short version is that we're going to be releasing a preview of next month's cover on the last day of the month, followed by the issue within the next week, once we've had a chance to charge everyone's cards via Patreon! We're hoping this new schedule means that we'll be getting the March issue out early in the month instead of on the very last day. Today's preview is for the March 2015 issue (Vol. 2, Issue 1). Inside you'll find: - A brand new Chaos World Quick Start from Brendan Conway: "Primal World," a Fate setting in which your characters will make the world around them as they explore it. - Our first Deck of Fate piece from yours truly: "Variant Aspects." a piece on using the Deck of Fate to create both positive and negative modifiers from traditional aspects. - An essay from Jacob Possin on "Two-Hour Fate," a method for running Fate in a short time slot, including new ideas about budgeting the opposition. - An essay/conversion guide from Heather Beauregard titled "Bringing Dresden into the Atomic Robo Era," a guide to playing Evil Hat's amazing Dresden RPG with Fate Core rules! We're really excited to release the March issue next week, and we hope that you all are excited to check out this year's issues. Stay tuned to your Patreon inbox for the official release by March 7, 2015! P.S. Due to some last-minute delays and proofing, it looks like we'll actually be releasing on March 9th. Sorry for the delay! Thanks for being patient with us through the changeover to our new release schedule. Thanks! P.P.S. This issue is now available to new patrons on DriveThruRPG: