Fate Codex Text Off to Edits
And... whew! After a few weeks of tough work, all of the text for The Fate Codex has been sent to editing. Barring any strangeness in the last few pieces, we should see the remaining text go to layout early enough to get our first issue out this month! It's been an amazing experience to see all of these pieces come in. I've had the pleasure of working on some Fate projects before, but it's been incredible to immerse myself in the game, play with the different ways of thinking about the mechanics, and see the characters spring to life in the fiction. Really cool stuff! Stay tuned for more info about our first issue! I'll be updating you all more this week as we wrap things up and get it delivered to all of our patrons. And tell your friends that they should get their pledges in soon... we're going to be delivering that first issue shortly! Thanks!
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