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Speaking on the Importance of #Fun in #Hip-Hop Culture. Remembering the legacy of Phife Dawg. An important aspect of Hip-Hop is honoring our ability to have fun together, regardless of competitive merits of physical prowess, intelligence, race, or class. In this competition the way you win is by not being so uptight that you always have to prove yourself to others, or judge others who have gathered for noncompetitive moments of respect, joy, and human appreciation.

This is really hard for those of us  raised in a capitalist society, use to receiving praise for academic performance sports and so forth. Which is all great, until... you notice how people are being treated when they DON'T WIN, and when they DON'T FLAUNT. If we really love our brothers and sisters, why do we degrade them as soon as they stop winning or playing the games we were just cheering them on for?

I'm not against competition or games (haha! y'all know I love fun activities all day), but take a moment to reassess how we value people based on games. Love yourself so you can love everyone else, and then games and contests are just a fun part of life, not the most important part - just ONE fun part.

The Principles of Hip-Hop are peace, love, unity, and safely havin' FUUUUUUUN!

Siblin's like Phife Dawg bring a Caribbean sensibility of honoring fun and respecting human life during relaxation, to our American capitalist way of only "respecting" people when they look busy, when they're "doing something for us". We are all doing something for each other by breathing and living more healthy and being more honest about what we love. Don't get so caught up in the rat race... you're not a rat! haha!  REST IN POETRY PHIFE DAWG!

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