Fathom: a few minor technical difficulties
Spotify recently changed their API requirements (they now require access tokens for all calls, even anonymous data lookups), and I missed the memo, so Fathom stopped working for a few weeks. It's back up now, running smoothly, so no need to panic!

It took a while to get sorted out partially because I had to get up to speed on the new requirements, but partially because I've been slammed with client work this month. That's a good thing (I'm happy to be in demand) and a bad thing (less time to work on things like Fathom). Also, OpenSeadragon has been needing more of my attention of late, now that were getting close to a new release (more about that in a future post).

I don't know about y'all, but having Fathom down for a few weeks really opened my eyes to how much it's become a part of my music life. It's like a case of phantom limb syndrome, where I keep reaching for it and it's not there. Now that it's back, I appreciate it all the more.