Faulty Apprentice: Princess Urgent Job! (public)
Official Knight patreon post with download link here

Greetings travelers! Your good friend and humble host, Din here, to bring the most royal of invitations. The Princess summons you to aid her with the most Urgent of Jobs. Download the latest version of Faulty Apprentice and proceed to the Royal Tower at your earliest convenience to accept!

Other Updates:

Shark Guard: Gathering Job now available! Head over to the South Tower after Day07 to accept, but watch out for those teeth!

Also if you are feeling lively, head on over to the West Gate and accept a Normal Job from the Ghost Guard! 

Optimized Map Screen! We re-worked the Map Screen to not only run easier on your computer but to look cooler. As mentioned in the story, the Commander froze the ocean below the Prison Tower, but now you can see it for yourself!

How to play:
Support at Knight tier or higher to get access to the latest Faulty Apprentice game content!

Comment to let us know what you think and hit that Like button if you want more dessert with the Princess!

Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!

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