Favourite Metanoia Character Results!
WOW so uh, remember that poll I held on here and Twitter like two months ago...? WELL HERE ARE THE RESULTS FINALLY!

Originally I was just going to draw whoever got the most votes, but then I was like "Nah, I should also add some info about them too". Then I was like weeeeelll I could do the first, second and third place winners too with info. But then it felt weird leaving the other characters out, so I did little doodles of them too. The whole thing just turned into a lot more work than I originally planned (like everything I do). BUT I'm happy with the results!

I don't want to give too much away about the characters, but hopefully you like the little info bits. They give a tiny bit of insight into what the characters are like. It'll be interesting to see how opinions on these characters change as I reveal more. 

NOW I can finally turn all my attention to the big group picture I'm working on. Whenever that's finished, I'm going to finally release info about the story! Yayyy!

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