Favourite Things #5 - Linn Fritz

Time for another round of Favourite Things. This time the amazing Linn Fritz who’s been hitting it out of the ball-park lately with her unique characters. I highly recommend giving her a follow on instagram 

🎵These are some of Linn's Favourite Things 🎵


Favourite Keyboard-Shortcut in After Effects:
Simple but useful:
U - Show all KeyFrames
X - Find the selected layer in the timeline (Works really well when you have like 200 layers)
LL - Show the Waveform on the sound/music

Favourite Plug-in:

Favourite Frame-rate:
In After Effects, 24 fps posterized to 12fps. And If I work in Flash/Animate I work on two’s. 

Favourite Animator on Instagram:
Jaedoo Lee 

Favourite illustrator on Instagram:
Celyn Brazier  

Favourite Animation Studio on Instagram:
Buck will always be my favourite studio. My time at the Sydney studio was one of the greatest experiences of my life. 

Favourite Non-Animation-Instagram Account:
Maple & Morty, they bring a big smile to my face every day 

Favourite Websites for Inspiration:
Pinterest and Instagram.

Favourite Website for Sound Resources:
I’m not great with sound so I usually team up with a sound designer.

Favourite Thing in your headphones whilst working:
I listen to a lot of Podcasts whilst working, mostly Swedish (sorry to all you non-Swedish peeps)
The Filip and Fredrik Podcast (They have a few episodes in English, but mainly for Swedish listeners)
Brita Zackari & Parisa Amiri's Podcast (Also Swedish)
HannaPee’s Podcast (Swedish too, sorrryyy)
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 

Favourite Animation Book:
The Animator’s Survival Kit 

Favourite Thing on your Desk:
Plants, books and coffee.

Favourite Full-Length Animation Movie:
Spirited Away, Song of the Sea, Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Favourite Short Animation Movie:
Everything I Can See From Here from the brilliant The Line. And Jazz that nobody asked for by Benny Box 

Favourite Video Game:
Right now I’m in deep nostalgia mode, reliving my early teenage years whilst playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy on PS4. 

Favourite Non-Animation Activity:
Yoga, hiking, travelling and going to the pub with friends. 

Favourite trick inside After Effects that you figured out by yourself:
I can’t remember anything specific that I figured out myself, but a friend of mine showed me this little trick of locking a comp. (Maybe everyone knows about this already and I’m just a bit behind, but this has helped me so many times)

I used to move things around in my pre-comps and then switch back to my main-comp to check, and then do that 200 times over until I found out about this little lock feature. 

In the tab of each comp in After Effects, there’s this little lock that lets you lock the composition screen so you can see that comp even if you move into a pre-comp

This can make your workflow easier, especially if you’re working on projects with a bunch of layers and pre-comps. 

more info on toggle viewer lock can be found here 


Btw, Favourite Things are 100% open for everyone so feel free to share them around <3


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