I recently discovered a Facebook message from a student I never knew I
had. She agreed to let me post it verbatim. This is why I spend so much
time giving away education for free.

Dear Mr. Palmer,

I just wanted to take a second to thank you SO SO SO much for all your
videos online. I am currently taking a physics course at UNC chapel hill
 and when I started, I got a 60 on my first exam. After finding your
videos I started watching them religiously and you have basically been
my teacher for this entire course. I am proud to say that so far I am on
 track for an A in the class thanks to you. I now show up to class
completely prepared for whatever topic the teacher is "trying" to teach
to us and I would be failing without your videos- I don't know how long
it must take you to film, but Billy , Bobby, and Bo's questions have
been some of the exact critical mistakes that I was making and that no
one took the time to explain to me. My last exam was on SHM and one of
the highest point questions was one that stumped everyone because he
didn't give us the mass. When I laid out the problem I stared at it for
quite awhile until all of a sudden the eye of the tiger started playing
in the back of my head once I realized that "Everyone brought mass to
the party. " I was so excited and would not have been able to get that
90% ( average was a 60% hehehe) without you!

Thank you for all you do!!!!!!

Cam Dengler