Fbc texture pack 3.0

Fixes from previous version

  1. The creative inventory! :D
  2. No more  :D

Things added:

  1. Added 4 songs! (Song list  below)
  2. You can search for all items using x in the search tab
  3. Added all new textures to the swords, The diamond one is animated
  4. Added a new bow texture
  5. Added a animated arrow texture
  6. Added a new texture for diamond armour
  7. Added a new texture for gold armour
  8. Added new texture for the items of diamond arour
  9. Added new texture for items of gold armour
  10. Added a new texture for apple, making it into Doritoes 
  11. Added a new potion texture, into mountain dew >:D
  12. Added a new texture for wooden pressure plate (this is more for the server that uses it)

Thats all. Thanks again for everything so far!

cat = Ash O' conner - Vibe

wait = ZEST - You. & l

ward = DM Galaxy - Paralyzed

chirp = Main reaktor - alone